These classes are Rolling Enrollment. This means that there is no set start date and no waiting for the next set of classes to start. Instead we rotate through our six week curriculum continuously, and allow our students to join as soon as there is an opening in their class of choice. We keep our classes very small, only 4-5 dogs. This way we can ensure that each of our students gets enough attention from their instructor. 

Proactive Puppy

Socialization, Handling, Life Skills & Manners For 8-16 Week Old Puppies

$100 / Four 50 Minute Sessions

Teen Manners

Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence Through Relationship & Skill Building

For 6 Month-2 Year Old Dogs

$160 / Six 50 Min Sessions

Shy Dog Manners

Is Your Dog On The Shy Side? Are You Wondering Whether Group Classes Would Be Too Much? Our Shy Dog Manners Class Teaches Basic Skills With Special Consideration For Our Shy Or Anxious Friends!

$160 / Six 50 Minute Sessions

Sport Sampler

Are you interested in learning more about dog sports? This class lets you try out six of the most popular sports so that you can get an idea of what might interest you and your dog!

For Basic Class Graduates

$160 / Six 50 Min Sessions

Puppy Foundations

Basic Manners & Foundation Skills For 4-6

Month Old Puppies

$160 / Six 50 Min Sessions

Back To Basics

Manners & Life Skills For Adult Dogs. Improving Your Relationship For Better Results.

2 Years & Up

$160 / Six 50 Min Sessions

Beyond Basics

Building On Foundation Skills With Greater Distraction, Distance & Duration. This Clas Takes Your Basic Skills To The Next Level!

For Basic Class Graduates.

$160 / Six 50 Min Sessions

Scent Games

All Dogs Benefit From Having A Job To Do. Scent Games Teaches Dogs How To Find Hidden Treats. This Class Will Help Build Confidence And Optimism In Your Dog And Provide A Bonding Experience For You Both! Dogs Take Turns So This Class Is A Great Option For Fearful Or Reactive Dogs. 

$100 / Four 60 Minute Sessions

These classes have a set start date and each class builds on the class before it. Before you sign up for these classes, please be sure that you can attend all of the sessions. 

Settle & Chill

Like their people, dogs sometimes need to learn how to relax and be able to self regulate. In this class we will explore different skills to help our dogs settle on their mats or in their crates while life happens around them. Common scenarios might include human dinner time and visitors to the house. Dogs will also learn to redirect away from distractions, and build the skills of Leave It and Trade.

Four Weeks $120

Walk This Way

Loose Leash Walking is all about the connection between you and your dog. In this class we will work on attention and focus, play games to make walking together fun and safe, and work on moving calmly past distractions such as other dogs and people. There will also be a focus on creating a rocket fast and reliable Recall (coming when called).

Four Weeks $120

Private Classes

Our Private Classes Are Designed To Help People With Dogs That May Not Be Suited For A Group Class Setting. These 30 Minute Sessions Cover All Of The Same Information Included In Our Basic Group Classes. 

$160 / 4 30 Minute Sessions

Puppy Day School

Our Four Hour Intensive Day School Includes Several Individual Training Sessions Throughout The Day, In Addition To Supervised Play Time With Specifically Matched Playmates. Puppies Also Experience Novel Objects, Sounds And Experiences, As Well As Plenty Of Enrichment And Downtime. Open To Puppies 8 Weeks to 6 Months Of Age

Prices Vary By Package

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